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The moment I heard the Imam christen my mother a name I’ve only read in books, I heard a sound synonymous to the creak of bones. I do not remember if a bone creaked, or if it was me, trancing; but I think I heard…


My Suitcase

I have been carrying this old suitcase for my entire life It is now a scarred and battered container of memories and reality Some might call it baggage, but it contains all that I am And each time I open it, I find the bits…


The Fifth Plague

Darkness has formed a thick veil over our gazes Even gross darkness is glooming before our faces Like the atmosphere surrounding the earth she has surrounded our hearts Her irresistible enchantment has seized our sights like a masterpiece of art   Riding in her courts…


A Letter To My Old Self

Dear girl who had a shoddy past, I am hoping that we will never meet again and therefore writing this letter to talk to you, to confess, to thank you for the times you have been there for me when the whole world let me…