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A Change of Pace

It was the guy coming the other way this time that looked down toward the ground… then slowly raised his head and met my eyes. We both gave each other a head nod… An acknowledgement of daily loss. Nothing needed to be said… Words would…

Short Story

Welcome to Pine Rest

Jake was forty-two and in the throes of his second nervous breakdown when he arrived at the Gerald Ford airport looking so haggard and strung-out that security thought he might be a terrorist. “Sir, are you OK?” the security guard asked. “I’m waiting for my…


United Laces

I sketched your face in the midst of a bleached sky; touching the cool wet sands barefoot and loaded tonight. A great inhale lights the pipe wait for the rising harvest moon; ballerinas twirl on the sea wall faces expressionless; eyes cold. I feel my…


A Fear Called Love

The thing that scares me about love is that you never know when you’ll fall into it. Your hearts gets attached immediately, but love, darn it, love is different. You fall into it ever so deeply and the person you love gradually becomes a part…


Down the Wires

“Some memories mean a lot to me, and I hold them close to my heart”   Memories are the part and parcel of every one’s life. You always remember the good days you have passed by sweetest memories, meanwhile some bad memories in your life…