Why Write?

Writing is more than just penning down your thoughts on to a piece of paper. It is the snippets of one’s mind that’s bound to change – or touch other minds. Writing is a passion that’s perceived as art at its finest; the art of stringing up raw, impending words together, lubricating difficult mindsets and understanding souls in places where they struggle to understand themselves. Words, put together; form the most powerful tool in history – the ability to toy with emotions and reinvigorate thoughts in the most gratifying way ever. In a chaotic world where weapons are used to resurface mindsets, words are an evocative weapon that possess the ability to cut through hearts and heal wounds at the same time, if they’re used well. In a chaotic world where pain is perpetual, words are Band-Aids thatched over the windows of the hearts of victims; it is what offers healing to the hearts that bleed endlessly. For words that are undermined and for a passion that’s belittled; words travel around perspectives, for when you’re a reader, words are brushes that paint your mind in colors of all sorts, unleashing your ability to imagine & create… and when you’re a writer, you possess the power; and hold the tool that can color minds.

F. Zahra Yoonus

This interview was conducted on behalf of Merak Magazine.


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