Let’s pretend that the world runs
Without breaking into twists and turns

We can be beautiful chapters of a thriller
And to the compromised mind, a healer

We can watch our sins melt away
Under the weight of an arduous day

Sculpting images that befriend the eyes
As tongues reject the allure of lies

Zebras can lull lions to bed
To deliver the wild from bloodshed

But this story is home to tragic phases
The world being a network of mazes

Sins toxify the bowels of humanity
As nature slowly sheds its sanity

Every eye prophesies a blurred future
While tongues rarefy the truthful picture

And the wild remains an array of disarray
Where one must fight to outlive the day

If only at crossroads would meet these experiences
What, then, would be is an antithesis.

Adedamola Jones Adedayo

Adedamola Jones Adedayo is a graduate of English literature from Lagos State University, Ojo. He is an instructor in English language and literature at Kemsabims International College, Alasia, Ijanikin Road, Lagos. His interests are poetry, content writing, learning languages and editing. Being an aspiring polyglot, he is self-learning German at present. He has a number of writings to his credit, having being featured at Aceworld, and he is fully committed to using poetry for expressing concerns of personal, social, cultural and political relevance.


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