A Consideration


Aloof and self-important, they cut into the line
No need to think of others, they just cannot waste their time
They think they beat the system, and seem sure that it’s a fact
So smug and smart and clever, which is just how that they act.
No time for conversation to just talk and chew the fat
One thing I know for true and sure, I’ll never be like that.

Old man in a fedora, car creeping down the road
Hunched behind the steering wheel, like some small bumpy toad
Taking up the fast lane and not seeing what’s behind
He blithely goes his own slow way, the horns he does not mind.
Alone within his four wheeled world, secure beneath his hat
One thing I know for true and sure, I’ll never be like that.

The supermarket lines are long, at least three baskets deep
Express lanes working frantically, a faster pace to keep
But who is there in front of me, their basket’s filled to top
I see the coupons in their hands, my spirits start to drop
How inconsiderate and rude they are, they’ve crushed my spirit flat
One thing I know for true and sure I’ll never be like that.

Time’s a subtle gremlin, working deep behind the scenes
Slowly dulling skills and mind while keeping up the dreams
Inside I don’t feel different, while admitting that I’ve aged
And yet I hold my book of life, and look at the leaves I’ve paged.
A younger me sighs softly, while remembering the man in hat
And wonders if for true and sure, he’ll ever be like that.

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