The night was mild and beautiful,

and the air was crammed with love.

It was a scene of an idyllic beauty,

an ideal reminiscent of a Monet painting.

And overwhelmed by the aromas of

the silvery moon, as a candle beneath

the serene sky, so did I remain steady

in my deliberations on the transcendent mind.

Then suddenly blew the wind; pale, dark, lethal,

and blindfolded, in accord with its notion

of democracy – in the land of austere disparity

aloft the volcanoes of the conflicting ideologies.

Helpless was I, just as a grain of sand,

trampled by its own sweat on the desert of life.

As an apparition, I turned away from the world,

kissed those shriveled lips and drank myself to sleep.

Bhuwan Thapaliya

Nepalese poet, Bhuwan Thapaliya works as an economist, and is the author of four poetry collections and currently he is working on his fresh poetry collection.


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