That’s why


Theres no reason for my tears,
Maybe too many to remember.
Could be nothing at all.
Or just that one October ,
When you decided to leave,
And never to return.
You are up in heaven.
Whilst I am left to burn.
going thru a living hell,
One you left behind,
No hope no mercy,
Just pieces of me left to find.
But what about the ones that you took with ur own hand,
The ones that comforted me when I could not stand.
What purpose do they have in your oh so lonely grave?
Why aren’t you here when I’m begging to be saved?
Why did you have to leave ?
Was I really so unbearable?
I never knew that the future I believe,
Would soon become untouchable.
One where we stand attached at the hip,
One where I am allowed to let my hands in ur grip.
But all that is shattered,
Now that you aren’t here,
I know I had mattered,
And so did every tear.

that is why…
my cheeks are wet,
And why my heart is hollow.
Because you were called too soon by death,
And did not let me follow .

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