Sudden Change

When his lips uttered those words,
The blood drained
from her face and a sheaf of dizziness fluttered through her mind,
Her red tears-filled eyes gave a subdued look ,that he ignored,
She wiped her fresh tears
 with the back of her hand.
She wanted to scream like hell ,
She wanted to burst out and cry,
But she knew it’s not the right place for it.
And the  silence of her may seems like she’s fine.
But only she knew the thunderstorm happening inside her
She thought the broken pieces of her heart would never be placed again,
Cause it killed her like the beat of her heart was going to end.
She wished if she could vanish from his sight.
She wanted to place her hand in his hand for a while ,
She wanted him to comfort her as he did always ,
But he never did.
She turned and made her way with no emotions,
Even though she knew he would never come back.
Her thoughts still gave her little hopes that he would follow her like he always did,
Even though things went wrong somehow her heart kept whispering ‘this would end soon ,we’ll be okay’.
And she that is how she comforted herself.
“The worst kind of hurt is giving comfort to our own selves”.
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