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For years, we smelled smoke. The facade was on fire, still measurements went un-taken. Flames carelessly set by those who ignited lives as if humans were candles. The bent spoons and broken bowls courted cracked cups? Many lessons floated yet the education was swatted away…


I Will Stop Loving You

  When the sun doesn’t shine And dreams are no longer mine When hopes run out And volcanoes no longer shout When all the oceans become dry And you count all the stars in the sky When all the trees’ leaves wither And the earth…


How To Stay Alive

For myself and perhaps for some others it is all about watching, no, admiring the crystalline examples of intelligence found at times in the shade on a far-too-hot afternoon, those winged ones I share this staying-alive thing with flutter about seeking the perfect branch, no,…



Fog horns sound though air soaked in blackness. All evening long listening to hiss of trucks, cars.   Shadows brush across walls as trees trace their branches. Gathering and waving together then swaying apart.   While I sleep, stars glide through heaven making their appointed…