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I Dance

Do not be fooled when I dance Born  to survive I dance Born to resist I dance To feed on memories of conversations, moments lined with stars.. When emptiness invades my heart sinking with heavy dullness, I dance When keeping my head above the waters…

Prose, Short Story

Blue Butterflies

The war ate the 14-year-olds. Such were the days, when young boys wielded swords and died on these dusts. Politicians, drunk in the revelry of power and greed, sent more and more elderly and the young to join the army to fight senseless battles in…


How Do I Tell You Ma?

Ma, You say psychology was your favourite subject. Then why is that you fail to understand me? You ask me “What problems can you possibly have? You’re only seventeen” But how do I tell you Ma? How do I tell you about the high-functioning depression…