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Fidget Spinner

The curtains danced as the fan swayed against it. The entire room was empty without a noise, except for its motor. His feet were cold. His eyelids shuttered with the seconds of the clock. The ashtray was filled and he lost count on how many…

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I don’t want a relationship, I want a happy life; I don’t want to be a girlfriend ‘cause I want to be your loving wife. I don’t want depression, neither any sort of expensive thing; Just your truest affection and a cute little wedding ring….

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The Note.

To the only one it might concern, “There’s life after fall and there’s love after failure”     I hope you are keeping fine. I am writing this mail with a lot of things in my mind. Right now, it’s a sudden rush of feelings,…

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            “You must either use all that money on things that are useful, or give it away to those who are in need”, I told Naveed that morning when we met at a Café near his house and that is how we got the notion…

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Parents – Pay Rents

It’s the due date Both of them are in a state of panic yet excited Hurriedly they reach the emergency room After facing death the mother hears a cry and smiles with relief 2.5inches of happiness looks at them blankly as it begins to sprout…

Love, Prose, Special


Rea Nelson turned eighteen that Autumn. No cakes, no parties, no wishes, no presents to cheer her up or celebrate her legality. “Well, this isn’t something offbeat anyways”, she told herself as she got back to finishing a story she had started working on. The…