The immediate loss

I stand here among so many people, tapping my feet every few seconds. There is quite a fracas in here, as people discuss the consequences of this accident. I am inside my own world, trying to wrap around the things that are taking place around…

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One’s First Love

He waited till his mother went around the house chanting prayers to all his siblings before Ms. Rukhaiyah came to the front to where he was lying on the couch watching his favourite team play in the La Liga. His mother bent over obstructing a…

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Adeline gently opened the door. Gentleness was what Adeline was all about, but the door needed a gentle touch unless you wanted it to fall apart. The door was old and so was Adeline. ‘Trinnnggg’ The door bell rang again. This time louder and with great…

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Larking in Pakistan.

Being surrounded by international cloud of people all my life. There was one specific country that I dreamed of going one day due to the people and their beautiful hospitality and great generous hearts. That is Pakistan, I know this sounds very odd but living…

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The Strangers.

I’ve read some words by one of the greatest entrepreneurs in the world, Jack Ma. There was something significant about it. That made me realize how bound we are as humans, and not as just family and friends. Not exactly his words but it goes…

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‘Do you know that Rumi is married to our cousin?’, she asked as I pronounced his name. I nodded. Looking dolorously at me, she squeezed my stained palm with her own and sighed. I understood that she wanted to hear everything. After-all, I knew that…



There was a huge round of applause for Diyana’s achievement. She was called over to the stage to be awarded the best student of the year in the University of Hoursten. Diyana’s mothers’s words kept ringing in her ears dying the loud claps around. “You…

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Fidget Spinner

The curtains danced as the fan swayed against it. The entire room was empty without a noise, except for its motor. His feet were cold. His eyelids shuttered with the seconds of the clock. The ashtray was filled and he lost count on how many…

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I don’t want a relationship, I want a happy life; I don’t want to be a girlfriend ‘cause I want to be your loving wife. I don’t want depression, neither any sort of expensive thing; Just your truest affection and a cute little wedding ring….