I don’t remember how I got here. Before, I was drifting. I try to recapture my dream but except for a brief glimmer of clouds and blue sky it is gone completely.

Time to wake up then, I guess.

I attempt to stretch. Nothing. Call out. Nothing. I open my eyes and see nothing. What is going on? In a panic I frantically search for an explanation and draw upon nothing.


I don’t remember how I got here. I don’t remember anything, full stop. My head is foggy and I am so hot. Overwhelmingly hot. Mystified as to why I hadn’t noticed before, I attempt to move once again, desperate for relief from whatever is making me sweat and suffer. This time I manage a feeble kick but it doesn’t get me anywhere. I am immobile, trapped and afraid.


No matter how much I panic, no matter how much I wish for this nightmare to stop, it doesn’t. After a while I have no choice but to stop struggling. I am powerless.


With nothing to be done, and only myself for company, my thoughts start to wander. So close to surrendering to sleep, I am almost lost. Then, intoxication. The smell was impossible to describe but if I had to try I would say that it was sweet and alluring; perfectly lovely. At last my instincts start to kick in. Muscles that I didn’t know existed, spring to life. At last, my wings unfurl and the chrysalis tears.


It is a struggle to break free from my prison but I don’t care. My first view of the world is upside down but I am no longer scared. My will is set and my focus is fixed. It’s her, it’s her! She is waiting for me and it is time to fly. The struggle continues and I begin to make progress at last.


Suddenly, there is light. Contained only by fresh air and beautiful blue sky, I am drawn to her colour. Brilliantly orange, like the leaves in autumn, she shows off her bold, black stripes by flapping her wings, just for me. I will my wings to work, and at last I am beside her, breathing her in. I have never been so content.


As the two of us fly above the water, I look down. At last, I am reminded of my dream. The reality of flying was far better than I had ever imagined. We were two monarch butterflies, together and free at last. The world was ours for the taking.


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