Parents – Pay Rents

It’s the due date
Both of them are in a state of panic yet excited
Hurriedly they reach the emergency room
After facing death the mother hears a cry and smiles with relief
2.5inches of happiness looks at them blankly as it begins to sprout out in this world
Lightened faces and hearts
Families congratulating
Balloons swinging in the air
The father leaves the room and makes the payment he will never feel extraneous about
And so parents-pay rents.

It’s past 4 years the child is getting ready for the first day at school
Unaware of what will come it’s way
Smiles and waves at mum bidding goodbye from the bus
2 weeks ago the father clicked pay through credit card and saw his child’s bright future
And so parents-pay rents.

Then comes the teen age
Keeping up with the tantrums and mood swings
Everything said was turned into action
From a new gadget to going on a trip with friends
And so parents-pay rents.

Emerges the High school phase
Unattended, worried parents wait for their child who isn’t home yet
Unbothered child on the other hand spending money heedlessly
Few ups and downs among them but still remains the essence of their lives
And so parents-pay rents.

Parents can be dealt with a sorry and a hug but gifts are a must for friends from the first salary
Moving out was the first thing on the wish list but paying the rent due for 2 months was
presented to dad with an exhibition of helplessness
Packed lunch boxes and cooked meals sit in the refrigerator
The mother cannot let her child sleep on an empty stomach
And so parents-pay rents.

Wedding bells ringing from ear to ear
Assorted chocolates, fresh sweets and the smell of the garlands perfumes the entire house
The best of the best arrangements made
Still the father worries if anything was forgotten
And so parents-pay rents.

It’s the due date again
Nervousness overshadowing over the couple
Mum and dad or grandparents to be providing their support like always
They hear a cry and instantly announce in the chamber of their hearts that a new somebody has
earned a spot
Sleepless nights marathon gets switched happily to the grandparents
And so parents-pay rents.

Zahra Javed

Amateur wordsmith


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