The Strangers.

I’ve read some words by one of the greatest entrepreneurs in the world, Jack Ma. There was something significant about it. That made me realize how bound we are as humans, and not as just family and friends.

Not exactly his words but it goes something like this. “If you want to sell something, your good friends will be shielding you, fair-weather friends will be sliding away and most probably your family will look down on you. But who stands by you at this very moment, buying what you are selling only by taking your words for it?

“The day you finally succeed, paying the bills for every get-together dinner, entertainment and so on you will realize; everyone else is present except for those who bought your words.”

The strangers.

They have no previous connections with us; most probably you only saw them once that day and might as well never see them again. But somehow, they are a part of your success than what your closest people have contributed toward it.

   But they are the ones:

Who trust us and buy our products.
Who believe in us and give us a job.
Who accompany us in work places.
Who save our lives if we met with an accident.
Who become from nobody to the best friend / Soul mate.
Who support you if you are an underdog and wish you for the win.
Who will support you if you are being oppressed.

Beautiful, isn’t it?

There are instances in life, where you will feel empty and alone, in a room full of people. You will travel alone in a coach filled with friends.

But worry not. You have strangers. We all have strangers.


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