There was a huge round of applause for Diyana’s achievement. She was called over to the stage to be awarded the best student of the year in the University of Hoursten. Diyana’s mothers’s words kept ringing in her ears dying the loud claps around.
“You can do it Dee, I believe in you!” were her mum’s words.
Diyana knew that this achievement of hers was mostly because of her single parent. She had only fuzzy memories of the funeral for she was too young. But from the time she could remember, she remembered how her mother had always been by her side.
From the first day to school, the day her tooth first broke, the days when she had nightmares, her stormy adolescence, each and every milestone of her life.
Diyana knew she was pampered.Pampered so that she didn’t notice the loss of a parent. Every day Dee’s morning alarm was her mother’s call and her calm face. She was provided plenty of resources for which her mother worked hard. Her mother had done everything she possibly could do for Diyana, worrying about ‘Dee’ day and night.
The cold and shiny medal bumped onto Diyana’s chest. Memories gushed into her mind.
The freedom and liberty her mother had given her to pursue her dreams in a narrow minded world.
The countless nights her mother stayed up with her during exams brewing up coffee to keep them awake and encouraging her all the way long.
Diyana made her way to the podium. But all she could say was “Thank you Papa “, looking at a tall, bearded man. She ran down and embraced her father whom she considered her mother.


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