The Note.

To the only one it might concern,

“There’s life after fall and there’s love after failure”

I hope you are keeping fine. I am writing this mail with a lot of things in my mind. Right now, it’s a sudden rush of feelings, being able to write to you after days. I might have wanted to get to you before it was too late, but may be my ego was hurting to sound so desperate. These rhymes aren’t intentional. I must work on my anger issues, before it hurts a lot of my people. I reckon, you moved on. But I have been worrying about you, and struggling to keep up, at least I would want to know how far along is you. I think we are mature enough to understand, and I’d want to apologize for the disses I used with the same mouth that called you my missus. I guess we’ve got our own problems to look after now and put back these pieces in their rightful places. And jot down the cases without running around in mazes. 
I know you must be in pain, I guess we all who we are. I never intended to use my words to put pain in another’s heart. But I realized that’s what I have been doing lately, I look back at the scars. Stars, they remind me of you. Not just because you used that in your handle, in the middle I see constellations and my own reflections for what I have done to you. Being sorry is not enough. But this is the only way I could repent. For the days I have spent, with you.
I have trust issues now, cause if ‘We’ didn’t work, I know none with me would. I have said this a million times, but nobody makes me smile like you could. Thanks to all the memories and hurdles we put past each other, especially you pulling me through every hole in my life. I am thankful and forever grateful. We skipping past each other is awful and I am starting accept the fact that it’s all just fateful. Besides, how else can I help you get past the guilt, breaking castles that together we built?
My prayers will promisingly be around you and my thoughts never leaving you too. Oh, and the puzzle I gave you, you didn’t need the specific book or a bible. Most of them were coordinates, just spaces and the letters U & I. Wow. It hurts to see that I have nobody to call as mine. But I guess I’ll just be fine.
I hope your family treats you better. I don’t expect you to write back, I hope you just get to read this letter. I end this mail, with an ‘I love you’ and with you, I always leave a stutter. 
Without Wax. 


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