I don’t want a relationship, I want a happy life;
I don’t want to be a girlfriend ‘cause I want to be your loving wife.

I don’t want depression, neither any sort of expensive thing;
Just your truest affection and a cute little wedding ring.

Don’t be too quick to ask me out or even ask for my dad’s number to fix a wedding date,
Think about life in the long run and why you should actually consider marrying late.

Think about your sole purpose on this earth apart from settling and why exactly you were born,
Whether if it was to succeed first or are you just that nod to everything what mamma says son.  

I don’t mind with taking part in your struggles and giving you the tightest cuddles while our early morning to late night grind;
If you truly understand and accept the statement of make money now and babies later sort of a marriage bond. 

Babe, together we could work things out, motivating one another and reach the highest level of financial stability,
later consider having so many cute little babies with whom we could travel around the world and enjoy every bit of life being happy.

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