The best lesson

Human life is a long path which is filled with challenges and problems. No one can escape from this common formula in our journey. But as human beings it is our duty to change those hurdles as good lessons to win the next time. There are so many examples in the lives of the past achievers. Refer the history of “Thomas Alva Edison”. He could not invent the bulb at his first attempt. On the contrary he was defeated 999 untiring times.

But he did not lose his confidence. So, he thought positively that even he could not invent the correct system he managed to know that there are 999 wrong ways in this process. This is a good life lesson for us.

Let us think how many experiences we have got so far? But within those how much we have afforded? First of all, we must realize the fact that the whole life is a book which contains various types of pages. So, we should get ready to face them in a certain exam unexpectedly…

What would be your reflection? Crying, despairing, or weeping. As a human being feeling sad and getting fed up are natural. But the main thing is we cannot be in the same position continuously to accomplish our goal.

“There is an ease behind your hardship”

So, we should strengthen our hearts to accept defeat as well as victory.  Always we should believe firmly that Almighty Allah is sufficient to grant us victory up coming days. Because he knows well which should be granted and denied. Challenges are a part of everyday life. They make us stronger and without them life becomes somewhat meaningless because we have nothing to compare the good times
So, challenge yourself don’t give up to make it happen.


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