Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get.
– Dale Carnegie


What are you blessed with? A house, a plate of food? A well working set of Limbs? A child, a wife or a family that cares for you? Yet you still submerge in the identity of begging? Why? Is it a hobby or you just do not think about other people and their lives? Do you now know they too have a family to care of and provide for?

When you ask for each and every tiny little thing even though God has created a path for you, not one but many. You still stress the one helping you because in your mind you think there is no other way rather than use someone else’s help for granted. Maybe God put you in this position to test you? But you brought this on yourself to be this blood sucking leech of everyone happiness, even your own family.

It is truly a disgrace because I wouldn’t want anyone in this world to be like you, I even think the person who begs for his daily need does a better job than you do.

Maybe you are born to not have feelings for anyone besides yourself, being selfish is your number one trait that you think people admire, they do not; trust me. They tend to use you for their benefit and leave you blank but you think they hold you high above their heads out of respect.

You think you are the only person in the world that has to be taken care of, do you not know that your own family has outside families that they belong to and need to take care of as well? Why do you not understand that you are a stress to everyone around you, no, you do not light up the room when you walk in. You make your own family scared of you when they see you. How is that a way to live?

How does one live on the thought of being the reason for another’s stress and their collapse? How do you sleep soundly at night knowing this? You think God will not punish you for your actions one day?

There I say it you are a blood sucking leech who sucks the happiness out of everyone around you. You think backbiting and making fun of someone is a very good laugh, you aim to please like you own the highest ground in this world when you have nothing? There is a way to make fun of someone without hurting them, but you go above and beyond to hurt them while they live. And there is a way and limit to ask for help to anyone you know. You go above that and completely think yes I am being handed everything so I will keep asking from others. Why? Do you think we do not have a life to live as well?

It kills me that I cannot give you a lesson in humanity, and that I can’t use someone to get my message across because I have the little respect for you that you do not have. My unborn child shouldn’t be able to get a whiff of you and your leeching personality. May Allah protect you but I also hope you become humane enough to open your eyes to see what is really happening.

I am writing this due to all the rage and stress I am getting into my family due to this person. If you have a family, know when and where the limits lie even if you need help. Do not go overboard where you literally spoon feed them to a point where you cannot control it anymore.

Shaheeka Sharif

Extrovert running around UAE, yes running in circles. I bond over chai, books and cats.


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