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Nuha Faiz


“Didn’t expect you here,” he said as he spotted me at the mall on that fine Saturday.  Not sure if I have to call it

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Shaziya Fayas


He stares at me strangely This son of my mine He catches me smiling When there’s no reason or pantomime I’ve wondered down memory lane

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Beverly M. Collins


For years, we smelled smoke. The facade was on fire, still measurements went un-taken. Flames carelessly set by those who ignited lives as if humans

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Moushmi Radhanpara

Her Altruistic Mien

  Have you ever seen a heart Who has love, unconditional? Have you ever met someone Who has given herself so benevolently?   I have.

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Amera Elwesef

Women Rights

Don’t try to introduce my skin to your skin, ‘cause such introduction doesn’t let the light to get in Don’t try to prove me as

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Heba Afuwardeen


She walked down the hall with her head hung low, Her pace wasn’t fast, neither was it slow People whispered loudly as she walked by,

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Aqilah Naleem

Broken Serenade

Blood flowed around  As she killed herself  Ignoring the salty tears  And painful gasps.   Because, she was fed up of the  Dehumanisation and isolation

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