For years, we smelled smoke.
The facade was on fire, still
measurements went un-taken.

Flames carelessly set by those who
ignited lives as if humans were candles.

The bent spoons and broken bowls
courted cracked cups?

Many lessons floated yet the education was
swatted away like a pest-of-an-insect
near a cupcake of coveted ignorance.

The oddness of oddity became home-like,
The backdoor exit was boarded and the
front doorbell rang and rang.
So sorry to disturb!

There was a string of words with no answers.
Some debated nonnegotiable solids; bartered
rock to be less rock-like and wanted the sky

to be less air-filled.

We prayed on our thumbs instead of our knees
then spent our days a stumble-trip away from most
hues that resemble light.


Questioned the shadows we conjured, our hands

were ink. We wonder, what is this darkness?



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