He stares at me strangely
This son of my mine
He catches me smiling
When there’s no reason or pantomime

I’ve wondered down memory lane
And can’t keep that smile away.
Oh my golden youth!
If only I could turn back time.

Friends to surround
Not a care in the world
My greatest worry
Simply getting to school on time!

The late line I wished to avoid
Lunchboxes would else be empty
I craved for that prawn bun – from Royal Bakery.

The reprimands for cheeky retorts
The extra work and over time we simply indulged
Boss girls we were in and out
Roaming round the corridor
Flaunting our badges with humor and delight

IBM I still recall
My friends can you – forget at all?
We found them all
Deserted stairways
And the back entrance to the canteen
Imps we were
Delighting in doing everything to contravene

How many a time
We stood out – eager to be sent out
Sad to miss out all the fun.
Punishments we delighted in!
Oh- I wish I could go back.

Loving Eds’
So full of humor
Fighting tooth and nail
To take us on our annual outing
Come rain or shine.
They stood for us
Accompanied us
And simply
Loved us!

If only I could turn this clock.
Advices and friendly reprimands
Friendship bands with the poetic touch
Somewhere in this house
I’ve saved them all
Tokens of what was!
With a smile and a grin
I peruse through
Wiping even a tear or two!
Oh my golden youth
How I wish I could go back in time.

Shaziya Fayas

Shaziya Fayas pens under the pseudonym "umayaraa". She is an educator, mum of three and a wannabe publisher.


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