Keep Heart and Keep Moving

“Life is not all fun and games, life isn’t meant to be easy”.

How often have you heard these depressing quotes? Why such a pessimistic view of life? Who says it can’t be easy? Who says you can’t spend your life doing all what you love? Isn’t that the goal of our lives?

These are desperate questions we must face in life and none but the best of us will have the solidity to kick such negative thoughts off and keep moving. Life is all about taking risks and moving forward with whatever that keeps coming our way.
One thing I personally believe in life is that when you put your heart and soul into what you want you get there, somehow. It may seem hard; disappointments and distractions will be abundant but do not be discouraged, ‘Keep heart and keep moving’ is the slogan.

You might encounter people out there waiting to drag you down, laugh at you. They would try to put you down mentally, say that it’s hard to achieve or to get there. Especially, when it comes to university you will be thrown negativity, “Going for a first class honours with your chosen degree isn’t easy” and more they say. The best thing you can do when you are told so, is to look at the speaker straight in the eye, give them a defiant grin and walk off. Give them the credit of their opinion. Never let it affect you. Let it merely help you identify such people in order that you may ‘keep heart and keep moving’ regardless.
Be aware of those who laugh with you and the ones who laugh at you. Be alert and mindful of the people you walk with. Never give room for someone to cross the path that leads to your ambition, unless they’re your loved ones who bless you in their hearts. The only force that should constantly propel you is the spirited thought “I will get there, no matter what!”

Never get into something half-heartedly. Believe in yourself and your faith with conviction. Trust God and do not go astray or be misled. You’ll definitely have obstacles rushing your way, make them a source of strength that gives your heart the fillip to overcome another foe or walk that extra mile; so that you may ‘Keep heart and keep moving.
We are all still on the run. Be happy with how far you’ve come and be mindful of the laps to come but fire all your engines for now; hit your target with zeal and ease ‘Keep heart and keep moving!

Blessed be you all!

Hafsa Udayar

"Currently reading my law degree at the University of London I firmly believe that the mind of a human being is capable of anything and uplifting young minds for a better tomorrow"


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