Unapologetically Me

She frowned into the mirror in frustration as a strand of hair kept falling off the sides of her hijab,

The rest of her family contemplating on how she would find it easier, only if she was wearing a niqab.

She hid herself behind the hijab as it made her feel safer,

Safer than what she feels when she hears this society speak.


Nothing but one rule built her up,

“Don’t walk down the lane alone” was all but a trap.

Little do her parents know that she didn’t mind,

For she knew the world, and it, her voice.


Her silence being the loudest of her screams,

With words playing out in different themes.

Stories did she have a lot to tell,

Growing old she did learn to rise as she fell.


Once upon a time there lived a girl,

A woman hath she become full of pearls.

Wiser than what the society thought of her,

Stronger than what she thought of herself.

Humaith Cassim

Drama enthusiast with a passion for screenplays and poetry.


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