Broken Serenade


Blood flowed around 

As she killed herself 

Ignoring the salty tears 

And painful gasps.


Because, she was fed up of the 

Dehumanisation and isolation

All she did was speak out

About the harassment 

she was put through.

Thereafter, followed the infamous 

and constant gas lighting…


Did I speak the truth?

She questioned herself.

But why wouldn’t anyone believe me?

She pondered.

Maybe I lied as they said?

Her very own sanity had started betraying her.


Was it actually my fault?

She thought.

Yes, maybe it was.

I thought I had covered enough?

Was it worth being a survivor

In a world where I am considered a liar?

Questions kept on piling to which,

the answers were never found.


Oh! You must be wondering about her harasser

Why bother when we live in a society that saves the perpetrators?

Why care when he tactfully got away like all other liberal abusers?

Yes! They are just so free preying on their next victim.


Sometimes, it’s too late.

But maybe, if at least one stood by her, supported her,

she wouldn’t have ended her life.

The world wouldn’t have lost a warrior!

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