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Nuha Faiz


“Didn’t expect you here,” he said as he spotted me at the mall on that fine Saturday.  Not sure if I have to call it

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Shaziya Fayas


He stares at me strangely This son of my mine He catches me smiling When there’s no reason or pantomime I’ve wondered down memory lane

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Ivan Jenson

American Mistress

  It was odd what had come over Jake’s parents. Usually they argued. Sometimes violently. But this morning it seemed they had found some sort

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Nazma Mahir

The Pure Savage

On lofty land The pure savage bird Builds its eyries With plenty of benign Dark from the human race The majestic Eagle, Flaps its mighty

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Haniya Khan

Goodbye To Reality

Here I am again, back to the beginning, Temporarily happy, with this torture cycle That’s never-ending. Thought things would change when I went through those

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Thisura Daksith

Dawn of a Dove

Chirping hummingbirds with wriggling flies, Dancing butterflies to carefree crows, blossoming florets and awaken shrubs, They wonder, they ponder dazed in a maze   Where

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Yolanda Rommel

I Dance

Do not be fooled when I dance Born  to survive I dance Born to resist I dance To feed on memories of conversations, moments lined

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Afshan Fatima

Maybe One Day

Maybe one day you’ll realise, How it was to see you leaving. In cloudy weather and shattered skies, I couldn’t feel myself wiping those damp

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Linda M. Crate

Devils and Hells

Your hero is my villain, It’s nothing personal; Wish you could see people can be Different things to other People— I didn’t mean to make

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Nuskiya Nasar

Sacred Envy

“Sometimes we portray ourselves as the bad person in order to make others happy, most importantly in order to make our loved ones happy because

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Angel Edwards

Broken Doll

They gathered up all the pieces of her Collected all of the broken bits of – Her Doll They fed her soothing syrups Injected calming

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