A Trip Down Nostalgia


Come on and take my hand,
Let’s take a trip to memory land,
When although life was not so grand,
It was never sad or ever bland.

When our smiles were big,
When our smiles were warm,
When we didn’t just smile to hide an internal storm.

When climbing a shelf felt like climbing a hill,
When climbing a tree felt like climbing a mountain,
That is until we fell,
And tears spurted like a fountain.

When we wore little outfits with matching barrettes,
And not matching shawls,
Not because we wanted to,
But because we were mommy’s little Barbie dolls.

When we woke up early just to watch cartoons,
And sang along to all the songs so passionately, yet so out of tune,
Without missing a beat or forgetting any words,
We belted out the lyrics, diligently warming up our vocal cords.

When we were just kids, you and I,
Staring ahead with the world in our eyes,
Curious to know what was beyond the horizon and what lay above those blue skies,
When what we didn’t know was that the world was just full of lies.

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