Dawn of a Dove

Chirping hummingbirds with wriggling flies,

Dancing butterflies to carefree crows,

blossoming florets and awaken shrubs,

They wonder, they ponder dazed in a maze


Where have all the chaos vanished,

woes wandered, worries surrendered

No toxic mist neither urban rushes,

Horrendous horns nor hustles and bustles


Drizzling dawns on mourning meadows

Sizzling sunshines showering sandy shores

Serene shades with shimmering smiles

Earth’s savory scent soothing it all, souls !


Quiet yet awaken,empty but emphatic

Sprinkling spirit on weary wounds

Respires and revives, healing in a breeze

until it revisits, the evil, vile and vicious

Subtly it whispered amongst jubilant cheers.

Thisura Daksith

An IT professional from Sri Lanka whose heart has always fallen for poetry. Looking forward to inking the passion in the dream to awake.


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