Broken Doll

They gathered up all the pieces of her

Collected all of the broken bits of –

Her Doll

They fed her soothing syrups

Injected calming medicines

(She waited helplessly

A long time seemingly

For surgery)

He sliced her arms open

Fixed her broken bones

Pins and plates

Replaced a part

Terrified her heart

Broken doll

Stitched her open skin

Closed the wounds

Braced and wrapped her arms



Broken doll




Broken doll



Angel Edwards

Angel Edwards is a singer songwriter guitarist poet from Vancouver. Two of her books of poetry were published in 2018 by Silver Bow publishing "Tales in the Dreams Garden" and "Lust Unfiltered By Love" She has been widely published in newspapers and magazines in Canada,Ireland,England, Africa,Romania and Crostia.


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