Goodbye To Reality

Here I am again, back to the beginning,
Temporarily happy, with this torture cycle
That’s never-ending.

Thought things would change when I went through those days,
From highs to lows, fantasy and I part ways.

Why does reality remind me of these?
Once a beautiful rose bush, now nothing but thorns and leaves.

They told me my life wasn’t just mine, but what about those struggles I go through just to survive?
I do that all alone, with a fear I hide in my bones,
Wondering if everyone felt this way.

Is it true when they say, every cloud has a silver lining?
That the dark is a place, where the stars are shining?

Maybe one day, I’ll be among the ones in the sky,
For one last time, as I look back at reality and bid goodbye.

Haniya Khan

An avid poet who finds a pen & a paper as the easiest way to express pain (and an otherwise, ordinary, savage teenager.)


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