Culture, Life, Poetry

Juke Joint

Measurable volume empty space Sun has risen, hours passed Since the last few patrons laughed then left Distinctive timber presence remain Juke joint slumber, eerie din Kept captive and alive within somehow Stand still listen in ghostly relics, remnants’ hiss Let the stereo-cilia be kissed…

Culture, Life, People, Poetry


If you’re too green For a place, Everyone can feel it. As sure as self is Close to the entrance A walled chasm Of separation Invades. Streets collide At a juncture Meet at your feet, Head over heels This raggedy doll Hurtled Catapulted in time….

Culture, Life, Poetry


Rallying around Holding candles Doesn’t really support a cause, Peace needs to be within, Not combined with a jolt. Peace is that state Where you don’t increase Your negative karmas, You strive always to Unbind your past mantras, You seem unaffected With negatives around you,…