The Unusual South Korea

South Korea, a country in East Asia that occupies the southern portion of the Korean peninsula. Even for people who are not aware of the country and its culture, K-pop might sound familiar. K-pop is a term that is often used on the internet, and there is quite a popular fan following around the world. K-pop is short for Korean pop or Korean popular music, hence originating in  South Korea to be specific.

Skip all that for now, we have something better. South Korea has rather unique and weird beliefs that actually might make you go, like how I am right now. So here are some unusual facts about South Korea.



South Korea’s age calculation system is very unique. The babies are considered one year old on the day they are born. On New Year’s day, everyone gets another year older.


Cosmetic Surgeries

South Korea is the world leader in terms of cosmetic surgeries per capita. In 2014 more than 980,000 procedures were recorded. The most popular procedure among them is double-eyelid surgery.



The college Scholastic Ability Test, locally known as the ‘Suneung,’ is the most important exam for any South Korean student as it determines if they are eligible to go to university and how their future will shape up to be. On the day of exam, at 8:40 AM local time, silence falls over the entire country as shops close down, planes stop flying, construction works halt and military trainings stop.



‘Tetraphobia’ is the fear of the number four, and some of the South Koreans are affected by it. They avoid the number when it comes to apartments, elevator buttons and floors in hospitals.


Black Day

On every 14 April, South Korean single people celebrate Black Day, an unofficial holiday that comes after the celebrations of Valentine’s Day and White Day. On this day, single people come together in dark cloths and enjoy a few bowls of black bean noodles.



In South Korea, gaming sites are blocked between 12 midnight to 6 am for children under the age of 16. It is known as the ‘shutdown law’.



In South Korea, you can clone your pets for $100,000. The Sooam Biotech Research Foundation in Seoul has been cloning the pets for the richest of the country since 2006.



A prison in Pohang, uses robots to guard the premises. It is the first of its kind in the world. The robot has the ability to determine specific human behavioural patterns and patrol the prison corridors on its own.



The South Korean boy band BTS has become one of the most celebrated Musical groups in the world. According to the Hyundai research Institute, the seven members of the band bring in $3.67 billion annually to the countries economy. One in every 13 overseas tourists visits South Korea because of them.


Informations are based on documents recorded early 2018 and might change over time.

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