Martial Warriors


As the northern breeze passes by the men in green spurt

Through the wild trees,

Some in anticipation,

Some in trepidation,

Striving to attain a single goal;

To serve their nation!

“Homesickness ameliorate with time”  

They were told,

But to their dismay

The happy ghosts haunted

Their tumultuous minds.

A thousand memories of family and friends flash by

As the aery soldiers march forward Either,

Into the depths of victory or

Into the abyss of hell!


Superficial they seem,

But the numerous deaths effect

Them beyond miles,

All along while they are forced to

Chin up and glide through

In faux effervescent.

As they succumb themselves

To the country,

Their spacious hearts

Yearn for their loved ones in arms!

Times shall pass,

People may change,

But the honour of the soldiers , Courageous and Brave

Would remain deep in our souls!

A glory that can never fade!

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