I Hate You


I hate you so much that I don’t hate you,

Sometimes I try to define your beauty.

I watch as the wind hits your nose,

The reflection of the sun in your eyes,

The way the night sky steals from your beauty,

The way your cheeks turns pink when you blush….

Infinities of glory I found in you.


Now I know,

If your beauty is to be defined in it’s trueness,

All the pages of books in this world will be filled,

Oceans of inks will run dry.

Yet, your beauty will still be left undefined.


Maybe that’s why

I hate it when you look at me,

I hate it when I run into you.

Worst when I don’t even know what to say.

I hate it when you say hi to me.

And my heart starts to see the vibes in your cheeks.

I hate it when I stare at you.

I hate it when I wake up at night and I think only of you

I hate it more when I get sleepless at night thinking of you

I hate it when I’m in class and I can’t stop thinking of you.

Cause the only chemistry I wish to learn is to know how to spice love in your heart.

The only biology I want is to know how to grow loge in your heart, and

The only physics I know is how to calculate the velocity with which the breeze moves Your hair.


I hate it so much that I just can’t hate you.

I hate the fact that you keep my heart beating.

Why must it be you?

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