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Nuha Faiz


“Didn’t expect you here,” he said as he spotted me at the mall on that fine Saturday.  Not sure if I have to call it

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Ivan Jenson

American Mistress

  It was odd what had come over Jake’s parents. Usually they argued. Sometimes violently. But this morning it seemed they had found some sort

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S.A. Ibrahim


The moment I heard the Imam christen my mother a name I’ve only read in books, I heard a sound synonymous to the creak of

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Moushmi Radhanpara

Her Altruistic Mien

  Have you ever seen a heart Who has love, unconditional? Have you ever met someone Who has given herself so benevolently?   I have.

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Arji Manuelpillai

A Small Sri Lankan World

My mum says the EasyJet cashier was my father’s brother’s friend’s housemate for two years when they first came to England, back when Appa* thickened

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Nuha Faiz

Undivided Love

‘I have never seen Inam this serious.’ I thought. Something was seriously wrong. His thick black eyebrows narrowed, jaws stiffened and fair skin turned red. 

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Book Reviews
Kathy Branfield

One Minute Later by Susan Lewis

One Minute Later by Susan Lewis is a poignant novel that also shines a very important light on organ donation. On her twenty-seventh birthday, Vivienne “Vivi” Shager’s life

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Shaheeka Sharif

Blessings at halt.

Have you seen those little feet and hands with emotions that holds the cutest and brightest smile?! Have you ever dreamt of having a child

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