The Favourite Daughter by Kaira Rouda

The Favourite Daughter by Kaira Rouda is a deliciously diabolical mystery that is also rather suspenseful.

One year following the death of her oldest daughter, Mary, Jane Harris is ready to reclaim her life. Her youngest daughter, Betsy is on the verge of graduating and Jane is determined to be a part of this momentous event.  She is also hoping to jumpstart her twenty-plus year marriage to David, which was already faltering before their daughter’s death. Just as Jane is setting her plans in motion, she receives a note indicating that Mary’s death might not be an accident. But who would have wanted to murder her daughter?

Jane is a compelling narrator who is initially quite sympathetic. After a year of deeply grieving Mary’s death, she is ready to stop relying on medication to cope with her loss. However, as the story progresses, Jane begins to show her true self in a somewhat shocking manner. She is a complex, deeply flawed woman whose viewpoint of herself and everyone around her is incredibly skewed.  Jane’s reality collides with the truth in a very entertaining manner that is oh, so satisfying!

Narrated in first person from Jane’s perspective, The Favourite Daughter is an utterly captivating mystery.  The well-written storyline is quite clever and the cast of characters is very interesting. This spellbinding novel is full of fascinating reveals that are absolutely outrageous and completely appalling. Kaira Rouda brings her latest release to a twist-filled, unforgettable conclusion. I highly recommend this twisty-turny novel to fans of the genre!

Kathy Branfield

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