Parents’ Apologies

What exactly have I done so wrong?

I have listened to his cries and please

I have tried to understand all of his

Hopes, dreams and needs

Yet as time goes on

He continues to hate me

Not trusting in my love

Not believing on our friendship

How can I remind him

So that he will remember?


Why has he left me all alone?

I have always talked and cried with him

I have joked around

I have shared my secrets and feelings

All with him

But as he gets older he wants to leave

Run away so to speak

Never turning back

Not even a blink

Will I ever see him again?


Where has my son gone?

He is hiding behind the

Teenage smoke screen

Rather be lonely than come back to me

I have to be the parent

He doesn’t like

Sorry if this he can’t see

I can’t seem to change his mind

How can I tell him

I love him

And have him believe?


Is there any chance to help

Our relationship survive?

I have given him my heart and my soul

But he doesn’t seem to care anymore

The closeness we once had

Seems to have died

In a few days’ time

It’s a possibility he may

One day forgive

Allowing our anger, pride and hurt

To go away

Not holding a grudge for things

That are not my fault

Will he ever accept my apologies

Sudeep Soparkar

An engineer at profession who loves to write poems to express himself.


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