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Nazma Mahir

The Pure Savage

On lofty land The pure savage bird Builds its eyries With plenty of benign Dark from the human race The majestic Eagle, Flaps its mighty

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Haniya Khan

Goodbye To Reality

Here I am again, back to the beginning, Temporarily happy, with this torture cycle That’s never-ending. Thought things would change when I went through those

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Nuha Faiz

Undivided Love

‘I have never seen Inam this serious.’ I thought. Something was seriously wrong. His thick black eyebrows narrowed, jaws stiffened and fair skin turned red. 

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Afshan Fatima

Maybe One Day

Maybe one day you’ll realise, How it was to see you leaving. In cloudy weather and shattered skies, I couldn’t feel myself wiping those damp

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Vishnu Priya

A Lost Lover

I have a lost lover, Who loved me with himself Now loves me with his illusionary presence I have a lost lover, Who  stared at

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Shaheera Shaheed

Real me

Nobody knows it’s empty, The smile that I wear. The real one is gone by the time that no longer exists. Because I left you

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Humaith Cassim

A Lover’s Curse

Abid swerved into the driveway, putting the car into park. Now for any other day, his brother Jaber would have taken it easy knowing that

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