Real me

Nobody knows it’s empty,

The smile that I wear.

The real one is gone by the time that no longer exists.

Because I left you there…


Nobody knows I am crying.

They won’t even see mine but I can count my tears.

When they think I am laughing,

I wish you were here…


Nobody knows it’s painful.

They think that I am strong.

They say it won’t kill me,

But I wonder if they are wrong…


Nobody knows I miss you.

They think I am all set free,

But I feel like I am bound with chains,

Trapped in the mystery…


Nobody knows I need you.

They think I can do it on my own,

But they don’t know I am crying

When I am all alone…

Shaheera Shaheed

Shaheera Shaheed resides in Sri Lanka. She loves writing poetry & novels.


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