Once Upon a Time in Love

We often hear statements from many around, that goes like ‘with love comes pain’ at other instance, ‘The one you love the most will be the one to hurt you the most’ or even ‘To love is to let go and to love them from afar”. Note them down, All crap!

How do people at sane and with clear head, think these make sense? How can we insult one of the world’s most beautiful feelings this way? I don’t get it.

Love is such a miraculous perception that is meant to bring joy, laughter and hope of being so important to somebody. Hope, faith and light you name it, when it comes to love, love absorbs all these into it. Love is one of the most exhilarating feeling. It is one of the most mind blowing emotion one can experience.


“There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved.”
– Anonymous


“Oh! My love was real. I met the right person at the wrong time.”  This is absurd, again. Time is love, honestly; although time passes yet love stays. The amount of time you invest in the interest of a person can determine the love you hold for them.  You cannot decide yourself to fall in love, to be in love or to find love at all. Love finds you in mysterious ways. You believe in destiny or not, love will find you when it is time. It was written for you, with that one special someone, at that particular time. Do not blame on time. Do not blame anything or anyone. Easier said than done but go back. Fix it for yourself, for your-god-damn-self!

Sometimes, love demands courage. Love appeals your fight. Do not let that person go, if that one person is worth fighting for. That one person is dying to be with you, forever. One must never find joy in another’s suffering though. Do not hurt a soul to warm your cold feet. Love is supposed to bring merry to you and the other half. Isn’t love supposed to heal your pain at some point?

Please, do not ask them to ‘move on’. It breaks them beyond repair. It makes one lose all hope on love. The heart will repel the smell of it and could never contain if one might even genuinely offered the purest of love. The heart refuses, since it remembers the pain it went through the last time. You provoked a heart to never love again.


“I thought I was stronger than a word, but I just discovered that having to say goodbye to you is by far the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.”
– Colleen Hoover, November 9.


He said I’ll survive. He told me that with time, I’d heal. But little did he know, it’d just get worse. With each passing day, growing silence between the two of us, a part of me is dying. Want to know why? Because life doesn’t stop. And I’m scared that I might find someone new; but sleep with the thought of his. Because moving on, is not as easy as it is laid out on a text.

“Things do not go as per our plans, always”, he said. I stood quietly. Not once, but as many times as we breathed, I have whispered “I’d Fight for you”. And I have meant it. Holding on to my prayers, with faith, with hope and stand looking towards east; looking for the rays of light and the grace of his, awaiting his footsteps. Now these are the statements I’ll be dying to hear from people. If this is not love, I don’t know what else is.


“Sometimes, two people have to fall apart to realise how much they need to fall back together.”
–Colleen Hoover

Bisma Ahmed

Bisma Ahmed is a Doctor of Physical Therapy from Pakistan who is also fond of reading and drawing. She also wishes to bring an awareness among people about the importance on Physiotherapies and hope for humanity.


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