When I Was Naive


If only eyes could differentiate good from bad,

I would be somewhere, thinking greater things.

It all begins in an experience I had,

With the real world, when it broke, my wings.

I hadn’t realised my friends were glad,

I thought I was imagining things, being paranoid,

But in truth, my thoughts were limited in a void.


I started to face the real world,

Mixed with hypocrites and hungry foxes.

Some did what they wanted, as they appeared bold,

And some, with plastered- smiling faces.


I would love to admit my stupidity,

I was naive, showing off my vulnerability.

That was the time I opened my eyes,

Truth belonged in the trash, it was all the lies.

That ruled this filthy world, what a pity,

Now I’m laughing hysterically, as it all appears witty.


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