most days

the sea of sadness

engulfs you

like a tsunami

that swallows



and the earth


you drown

and you drown


you can’t ask

for help anymore


you drown

till you cannot


between these

tears and the

salty water


you drown

until you can

feel the pain

no more;

until you become



and just like

destruction is

all that is left

when the

tsunami leaves


you too are




your body

is just like

the earth –


and full

of scars


your feelings

are like

the people –

some dead

some lost

most hopeless



you see the

water receding

and the

tsunami coming


you don’t run;

you sit on

the shore

and admire

the sunset

one last time

until all you can

feel is

the water

drowning you

in its waves;


until all you can

feel is your

slow death.



Tanishka is a 17-year-old high school student who aspires to become a Human Rights lawyer. She is from Delhi, though currently living in Lucknow. She is an ambivert who loves to read, write and dance. She creates poetry out of her scars and nightmares. She writes and writes till she can finally put up a façade.


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