Nineteen Sixty Seven – 1967


In Memory of Victims of War

Here : parents go to bed with no hope

Of seeing their children in the morning

Here, everywhere you go , all you see  is a basket of Bones__

Here , children are left homeless & defenseless with no hope of seeing the sun

You do not want to be ripped by sounds of Ak 47 rifles.

You do not want to be eaten by the news from the radio & television___

Father went in search for food and never returned

And Mother she went in search of shelter and was hit by a stray bullet

Amina, my sister was raped to death by a gang of fucking terrorists!

Abu, he was praying  in a mosque and he died in a blast…

Here :  we romance death with open hands

like the way I romance my girlfriend

Yet , everyday we  learn to live in broken dreams

Hoping that the Dawn births a better tomorrow

Where we can all live in peace & harmony

I mean : where we can sleep with our  two eyes closed __

with hope of seeing dawn.


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