Voice of an Expat. II

Adding these spices one by one
I’m recalling the effort you put
On the messy yet beautiful days
You taught me basic cooking, Ma.

He’s at work and I’ve kept rice to boil,
I can’t tell you I feel lonely but I am
Remembering those days, I was obdurate
About how much I hated staying home
Because now I’m here inside from morning
Till night – no complaining but I’m realizing.

I used to wonder why sometimes you and Pa
Had tough times, rough days
Whenever I heard you two squabbling
But now I realise when my man comes home
After an exhausting day and I’ve had same
That we lose our state of forbearance- I know you
Taught me otherwise but it’s not easy, Ma.

Bitter times here turn into pleasant days
As I watch him play with the little one
Despite how ailing he maybe sometimes
Because I’m reminded of my little days
With Pa and you,
With my little brother too
How the both keep us occupied.

It’s beautiful Ma,
This life here with my dearest two
But I miss Pa and You,
Because it’s not the same;
Watching things change there
While I’m far away and you are not here.

‘Get married’ they said,
‘Life will be beautiful’ they said,
It sure is Ma,
But Skype calls can’t give me the comfort

I found every time I sat on the kitchen counter
Watched you as you made food
And listened to your rants and gossips
About the neighbouring aunts.

Let God grant me one wish,
I’d wish for this life to be the same
But with you and Pa by my side
For this life is a grandeur
But never content.

Nuha Faiz

BA undergraduate. Teacher by profession, reader by birth and a writer by choice. I bond over anything well-written, aesthetics, food and cats.


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