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A Candle Lit Walk.

He jumped out from the car
Greeted me with a smile
Looked me in the eyes
Then looked away…
I waited him to say
“I’m here coz I’m not fine”

But it’s not that this time
He brought me no words
Just fake smiles and flowers
I knew him very well
Even when he’ll never tell
He’s dying Down to his soul
He’s no fine at all
I’ve heard his croaky voice
When he did make a call
I’ve always wanted to see him
To ask what happened
Maybe he’s tired
Of all the filthy scenarios he’s in
I wish I could wash away all his pain

But now
He seemed to need no power of advice
Just a tap on the shoulder
And a companion for the night
While sitting in silence On our favorite spot
Under that tall tree, with music and a mat
All I could hear are small sobs
Turned into a loud cry
Then slowed down…
Heavy deep signs…
Then smiled…
Stared for a while…
Then looked away
I heard him say

“Thanks, you’re here.”

Ma. Alexa A. Llano
Ma. Alexa A. Llano
Articles: 491

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