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Tanishka is a 17-year-old high school student who aspires to become a Human Rights lawyer. She is from Delhi, though currently living in Lucknow. She is an ambivert who loves to read, write and dance. She creates poetry out of her scars and nightmares. She writes and writes till she can finally put up a façade.

A Letter to Myself

I love the way you smile the way you squint your eyes when you laugh   I love the way you dance when no one’s around   I love the way you talk about things you love the books you’ve…


most days the sea of sadness engulfs you like a tsunami that swallows homes people and the earth   you drown and you drown until you can’t ask for help anymore   you drown till you cannot differentiate between these…

How Do I Tell You Ma?

Ma, You say psychology was your favourite subject. Then why is that you fail to understand me? You ask me “What problems can you possibly have? You’re only seventeen” But how do I tell you Ma? How do I tell…