This and That


Oh, everyone should go to the mall

In search of the stores that have THIS

THIS is the latest, THIS is so in

So many stores packed with the newest THIS.

Clothing, watches, shoes, socks,

You must have THIS suit, THIS dress.

You cannot be without THIS.

Let me show you THIS, you’ll love THIS.

Why we just unpacked THIS.

The latest in labor saving devices,

This will make your job so easily completed.

Toys, oh, you must have THIS,

you will retard your kids life without THIS

But oh, when a new THIS arrives

And your THIS becomes THAT.

You cannot possibly go around in THAT.

Certainly you don’t want to be seen wearing THAT.

Oh, you don’t have to be stuck with THAT.

THAT was THIS, but now it’s THAT.

And surely you must discard THAT.

How embarrassing for you to have THIS

When everybody is buying THAT.

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