The Largest Hands on Earth


If I possessed the largest hands on

earth I would cup the sea in each

hand and I would take a great gulp.

All the fires in my heart would be

extinguished. I would like to think

the largest hands on earth could take

the high and low waves and make

one enormous wave out of them.

On a warm day these large hands

could hide in the sand and find shade.

These large hands could be cooled off

by the waters of the sea. These large

hands could hold back time and leave

death waiting longer than expected.

In a perfect world we would not age.  

The arm of each large hand would be

large as well. They could lift the weight

of the world. They would make a flower

seem like a speck of dust. They would

remain calm. The one enormous wave

they create could extinguish any explosion.

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