The Skin I’m In

I used to wonder
how I would grow
and yet still fit in the skin I’m in.
If we would grow together,
me and my skin.
Well, we seemed to have done
quite well
for a long time.

I used to wonder
how you would grow,
and if you would still fit 
the skin you are in.
And if we would grow together
and stay intact in our
separate skins.
Well, we seemed to have done,
for a long time 

Now I wonder…

Am I still the same person
under the skin? 
Are you?
I think I am.
The outside has changed.
But inside my skin
I am intact. 
Myself as before.
I think.

Not quite so comfortable 
in my new skin, though.
It doesn’t fit me too well.
Doesn’t always represent me.
Doesn’t look like I still feel.
Like I still am?

What about you?
Are you still that person 
in your new skin?
I’m not sure now if the inside 
has also been renewed,

And if it is only on the outside, 
that we have changed together.


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