How often do I forget that I’m in prison,
Bound and in chains,
By a devouring monster,
That eats up anything good it sees.

The monster hates change,
The monster doesn’t reason.
All the monster wants is what it visions.

How often do I forget that I’m in prison,
That I’m not supposed to feel,
Nor have any emotions, neither a say.
Else, with the monster comes nagging,
A scarring roar to keep me at bay.

How often do I forget that I’m in prison,
A place where people see no good,
Evil surrounds us, everybody’s own hell,
They laugh and scorn like they have no sins,
Because behind that laughter lies, a sadness within.

Now I remember that I’m in prison,
A quite temporary one that too. 
A one that reminds me,
Of my primary faults too.

Had I known sooner, had I taken people’s warnings. 
But what can a burnt soul do,
When it has gone through so much harm. 
The only thing that is left to do is take on His Arm!


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