Orbits of December

I looked out through my arched window,
Only one thing around there still had blooms on,
Among the silver leaves, delicate and graceful snowdrops
Which transformed a classic white assortment ; into glamorous wintry display.

Fresh gardenia, swaying camellia and heavenly lavender,
Caught my memory and me remember
Drowsy and busy November is off; and I’ve treaded into the days of December .

One minute of epic moment; ushered a flash blaze of memories
Passion, fights, fear and success 
Shame, pity, euphoria and laughter
This year has played the games of all feelings that life had to offer me ever.

The good times, which I want to relive once
The worst days, I wish I could forget forever
Those loved ones, I miss a tons
And those lost ones for whom I gave permanent scars
Those words I left unsaid and those words I regret uttering
Those people I forgot to appreciate and those I was terrified to lose
The smiles I chose to ignore and the tears I failed to notice
Those I decided to lend a hand and those I didn’t care to understand
Those voices I won’t hear again and that silence I’ll never feel again, 
They puzzled me
They frightened me
They broke me
They tied me to chains that never existed
They misled me to imagine things.
Some left me in gaze and starry thoughts,
Some left me breathless and shook me down.

They created orbits around my mind 
Perhaps, they are going to remain with me forever 
Rather, taking me to much deep points 
of no return
The flash vanished giving me a clear sight, as a hand clasped my shoulders tight,
I turned behind to look at my sister with a warm smile, 
Who jiggled me hard and mumbled, 
“Few days left for another new year.”
Oh yeah – I walked to the windows and just discerned,
Art cannot manifest
Strength cannot fight 
Wealth cannot help
Intelligence cannot light
If you don’t glitter the world with sprinkles of love.

With hopes to set things ethical and right, next year
I drew the curtains back , to make today better in my own way
I wrapped my arms around the innocent little one, 
And muttered,
“Another new year for you to watch me slay.”

Seema Marzook

I worry less about fitting into glass slippers and focus more on shattering the glass ceilings.


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